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Package - Delivery

State of the Art Vacuum Seal
Our skillful packaging begins by using state of the art Cryovac shrink-wrap. It creates a vacuum packed seal that fits firmly but gently around each piece of meat retaining its contour and shape.

This method of sealing meat is specifically formulated to seal in the product’s freshness and flavor, optimizing extended consumer storage, either in the refrigerator or freezer. At Frontier Meats we believe that our meat should look as good as it tastes!

Consumer Benefits:
• Fresh red meat cuts have a higher quality taste and tenderness
• The product “wet ages” naturally in the packaging
• Extreme freshness
• Extended shelf life in your refrigerator
• Freezer ready with no need to re-wrap

Packaging and Delivery

Each and every one of our items is hand packaged specifically for your order with the greatest of care. The meat is placed in a recyclable Styrofoam box filled with plenty of dry ice to keep your meat cold during delivery. We then box your entire order in a manageable container ready for shipping.

We guarantee that the order will remain fresh and ready for consumption, or if you prefer, ready to be chilled or refrozen up to 4 days after leaving our offices.

All of our shipping is handled by Federal Express. Delivery is generally within 3 days to most locations in the continental US.


NOTE: To insure a frozen delivery, any order received on THURSDAY, FRIDAY or WEEKEND will be shipped on Monday.