Grilling Tips

Grilling Tips

A Perfect Steak Every Time

Bring Your Steak to Room Temperature
Never grill a frozen or cold steak. Your steak needs to be brought up to room temperature before you grill it so that the inside can cook properly without the outside charring. If your steak is frozen, thaw it in the refrigerator. Then set it on the counter top for around 30 minutes or so before grilling.

The Hotter – The Better
One of the reasons fine restaurant steaks taste so good is due to their grilling methods. The first step in preparing the grill is setting the temperature very high. The high heat sears the outside of the meat and locks in the juices.

Although home grills cannot generally be set at the same heat settings as a commercial unit, we recommend that you set your grill to its highest safe level. Then grill the steak quickly so that the outside is browned and the center is tender when cutting.

A great steak can generally stand on its own without seasoning. However, if you wish to help bring out additional flavors, start with a little salt and pepper. If you prefer using a rub or marinade, we suggest that you add either at least an hour before grilling.

When Is It Ready To Serve?
Knowing exactly when to take the steak off of the grill is a skill that may take a few trys to learn. For many meat lovers, the desired look and texture of the center of their steak is a warm pink color. However, it is difficult to know exactly what the center looks like without cutting into the meat. So try grilling several steaks until you master the art of knowing when it is perfect for the person you are serving.

Bon Appetit!