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Why Frontier

Serving The World Gourmet Meats

Established in 1972 with over a third of a century of experience, we at Frontier Meats pride ourselves in providing the highest quality beef, wild boar, and bison. Recognizing today’s health conscious consumer and the desire for heart healthy proteins, we have responded to those demands by producing superior quality cattle, bison and wild boar.

Our philosophy is simple. As Texas meat connoisseurs, we demand the highest quality meat. We specialize in providing quality aged Texas beef to fine restaurants all over the world. We also use technically advanced sealing methods to vacuum pack only the freshest meat delivered directly to you.

Federal inspectors remain at our plants to inspect our animals, process and products around the clock. We have built close relationships with our Texas growers and ranchers in order to ensure a quality food chain that you can trust.

We are proud of our Fort Worth heritage. We live right in the middle of the world famous Fort Worth Stockyards and Rodeo which boasts to be in the heart of “where the west begins”. We strive to live up to the cowboy traditions of producing high quality products, satisfying the highest standards locally and internationally. We also meet the all of the rigorous qualifications required by the European Union for export approval.

Our goal is to provide the world with gourmet meats backed by a guarantee of total customer satisfaction. Let us be your first choice when buying meat.